Writing for me is cutting out the fat and getting to the meaning.

James McBride

About Me

[ 1 ] A matser student made in zzu, major in Softwore Engineering, have nothing, thus toss about, in the life.
[ 2 ] Preferred programming, but have created nothing.
[ 3 ] Fall in love with study, also can only say that is “love”.
[ 4 ] Wanted to be a geeker, but I am still suffering ……( ^V^ )
[ 5 ] Recently, I pay more attention to Data Science, Deep Leaning, etc. Want to be more Stronger( to XD).
[ 6 ] Love all wonderful things in the world, such as personality music, story-style movies or the ants moving under the elm at the end of road.
[ 7 ] My mother followed the Buddhism in her life, I am influenced by her all the time, So just want to be kind in my lifetime.

About Nickname

AbsentM — named “Que Xi Zhe” in chinese

I am a Virgo, a little obsessive; so in for finding a perfect nickname, I create the “AbsentM” with my magic imagination just like the Cang Jie (the inventor of Chinese characters in legand)

AbsentM, come from the synthesis of English words Absent and Me

Absent means “not present in a place, at an occasion, or as part of something”
Me is also the true english world, and named “者” in ancient china

combine together, named “AbsentM”.

“Que Xi Zhe” in chinese, is my first nickname in the internet when I touched PC first time. Recalling, time has been flowed for many years; Today, I am also very pleasant for using this nickname… It’s a good idea.

Sometimes, we can find that the nickanme which beginning with “A” will always be in the forefront of other people contacts when the letter sorted by the dictionary in computer world;

Sometimes, we can also remember the word “absent” is the first word in CET-4’s word books which we can hold on my memory; Anthor, what also impressed me most is the English word “abandon”;

Sometimes, we can also find that a lot of important people and things in our life, However, we are missing all seats.


Time flies, life is dull enough; Past life in our memory vaguely, but we also couldn’t put our passion down and never forget the person flashed in our life; Instead they become more and more clear in my heart !

Whenever I hear these, tears of joy covered my face !

About Blog

In the late era of the blogs, I Just came into contact with the blogs, I am really hindsight.

Recording in life is also a style of against !

AbsentM’s Notes, with the name of notes, mathched with its’ meanings; The main content of my notes is the solutions of the difficults I have meet in study and life with few innovative. But, I want to boost myself from now on!

Although, I still shamelessly joined the “donate” after each post(Please keep smile in your face) .

Why my notes migrate from CSDN here? Quote what Mr.Tao said is:

You will find that the feeling is always so memorable when we put all the intention to manage one things carefully in which we are the real protagonist(or looks like) !


You can contact me with this mailbox:


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Welcome to your comming ! — 中文版